Choosing the Right Security Door For Your Home

Safety comes first and that's why people in Melbourne are increasingly investing in a quality alarm system and other security solutions. Also, there are latest warning devices in the market to serve as helpful deterrents against intruders, robber and forced entries.

But amongst all, the most realistic alternative for property owners is to invest in a good quality security door. The front door is the main entrance for thieves to enter any property. Hence, it becomes essential to install security doors in Melbourne.

Importance of Security Doors

The significance of security doors in Melbourne cannot be denied because home safety is the definite necessity these days for the residents of Melbourne.

A security door provides better protection from the various undesirable conditions and circumstances; as a consequence, they are of very solid construction. The main goal of security door is to strengthen the front and back entry of your residence. Hence, it prevents unwanted access.

So, it is a feasible way to emphasize your safety and avoiding the extra investment made on purchasing guard dogs or alarm systems.

Why Is A Good Security Door Essential?

Home is the most important place in the world. If you choose the right security door for your property, you can ensure the high level of protection for your home and family. It helps in creating the restriction for the criminals, who usually aim homes having a low level of security.

It is recommended not to consider any guarantee for real security protection unless the door is manufactured to a certified Australian Standard. Hence, before selecting any security door make sure that they meet the Australian standards.

How to Choose The Right Security Door?

Deciding on a security door is a bit daunting task as there are many factors to consider like opening size, security level, swing or vertical lift, ornamental or standard and the material of the door - aluminium or steel. You should decide the security door based on your requirements. Here’s what you need to know about choosing the right security door:

  • Security

The best solution for those concerned with home or business security is to go with steel security door. A steel door is a smart decision for greater security as it is strong enough to withstand gatecrashers. On the other hand,aluminium security door is suitable for low to medium risk locations. If you are looking for a security door that delivers curb appeal than aluminium is the suitable option.

  • Appearance

Looks are one of the main worries that homeowners express when it comes to security door installations. There are custom-made security doors available in Melbourne. Steel security doors are available in smooth, textured or wood finishes in a wide range of colour combinations. Some manufacturers may provide extra life paint warranty. While aluminium security doors are lightweight and slimline with an outstanding pleasing appeal. It makes your home welcoming and breezy.

  • Durability

When we talk about endurance, steel security doors won’t shrink, crack or warp. So it is considered as high-end security door for maximum protection. But, if you want that your door does not weaken over time, then the aluminium security door is the most durable and resistant to corrosion.

  • Maintenance

Security doors rarely need service and maintenance. But when we compare steel and aluminium security doors, it is essential to verify the need for maintenance to choose the best option for safety. Steel security doors require low maintenance and service as compared to aluminium security doors. Hence, select the one which saves you money on future maintenance, providing high-end security.

  • Cost

The cost of steel security door varies depending on security level. On average, they are cheaper than wood doors and more cost-effective when you consider it for a longer lifespan. On the other hand, aluminium security doors are more expensive than steel, but more cost-effective than wooden doors. It is the most suitable material for fully glazed doors.


Home security is one is a major concern for homeowners in Melbourne; therefore, it is worth investing in a security door. Whichever security door you choose; make sure that it fulfills your safety requirements. If you need any assistance or tips about choosing the right security door, you can get in touch with us by clicking here.

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