Why Is It Important To Install Good Quality Security Doors?

The doors have always been a basic requirement than a luxury to any home. Sometimes, a simple door is not enough to keep the threats out. Something additional is required to make your home safe. And that something is ‘security’!

As per the Crime Statistics Agency of Victoria, the crime rate has increased by 20% in Melbourne with robbery topping up the list. The growing crime rate has compelled people to use best possible security measures to keep their families and homes safe.

Take a Step towards Security of Your Home

Installing an alarm system to defend against intruders or installing surveillance cameras around our property are some of the steps that you can start with. However, it is important not to forget that the first line of defense is our doors. The probability of a successful forced entry lies on the level of security that our doors offer. Hence, installing the good quality security doors is an absolute must for Melbourne properties.

The good quality security doors are built with the latest technology and offer various benefits as compared to regular doors, like:

Auto-Locking System

The best part of installing the security doors to your home in Melbourne is that they come with an auto-lock feature. The door gets automatically locked as soon as someone closes it. It works best, especially when you leave or enter your place and forget to lock the door. The auto-locking system keeps your home safe at all times.


The security doors cannot be broken easily with a punch or a tool as they are very strong.  They are specifically designed with the advanced technology to meet the security needs that ultimately restrict the entry of the intruders. Most of these doors are made up of either steel or aluminum, making them moisture and pest resistant. Additionally, the security doors last longer than regular doors and are very durable.

Camera Facility

Few security doors even provide the facility of inbuilt camera technology. So, when an individual ring your doorbell, you will be able to see his face in the camera that is installed inside your home. Moreover, you can even connect the camera to your mobile to keep a check while you are away from home.


Best quality security doors are designed using galvanized steel or aluminum. It is a known fact that these metals burn very slowly. So, in emergency situations like fire burns at home, the security doors will help in ceasing the fire as well as avoid spreading it to other areas. The material being fire resistant keeps you safe at all times.

Original Key

A fascinating feature of the security doors is that they can be opened only with the original key. If somebody tries to crash in with the duplicate keys, they won’t be able to unlock the door. Hence, if you have the original key with you, you need not worry about your home security.

Alarm System

Installing the alarm sensor on the security door can tighten up the security of your home like anything. They instantly alert you in case of an emergency. In fact, you will even be notified on your mobile phone if anyone tries to break in without permission.

Important Aspects to Consider While Installing the Security Doors

Here are the aspects you should consider while installing a security door in your home:

Solid Security

It is important to make sure that the chosen security door is of high-quality. Apart from steel and aluminum doors, you can even opt for fiberglass or metal alloy doors. But, while choosing the latter, make sure to have interior support and a lock block to prevent the intruders to bend it open with the car jack. Metal doors are a great option but they demand a regular maintenance to prevent corrosion.

Avoid Windows Near Doors

Door windows make your home feel lively and pleasant. But, installing a window next to your door can pose a security threat if it is placed within arm’s reach of your lock. It can then be easily broken and the door can be unlocked from the inside. Hence, it is better to avoid windows next to your security doors.

Avoid Big Plants Near Doors

They might look highly appealing, but make sure you don’t plant the trees and shrubs near your doors. This can sometimes be a spot where the burglars hide before taking the opportunity of entering the home.

Best Fixings

No matter how strong your door is, it will be of little use without a strong lock. If the lock is not extended deep enough into the door frame, even the strongest door can be broken easily. Choose a branded deadbolt to make sure that you have a really strong and secured door.

Frame Installation

Opt for deeper box strike and avoid thin strike plate while choosing the security door. Fix up the screws deep into the wall studs in addition to the doorjamb for better security.

Upgrade Your Property with Premium Security Solutions

There is nothing more important than your life, your family, your savings and your possessions. The security doors are, indeed, the practical solution for the security of your property in Melbourne. Although it may be a little expensive investment, the security you get in return is totally worth the spending!

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