How To Protect Your Home When You’re On A Vacation

Finally, you have an opportunity to escape your office for a week filled with fun and adventure in a destination that you’ve always dreamt of visiting. Whether you are touring the historic cathedrals of Europe or camping in the Arabian Desert under the sparkling stars, a holiday vacation truly breathes new life into your cramped muscles and tired senses. Sadly, your much-needed relaxing respite will have to come to an end, and you will have face reality once again. But, as soon as you get back home, you have found out that burglars have vandalized and ransacked your property, ruining your revitalizing week.

Thankfully, there are a lot of effective low-technology and old-fashioned methods to prevent robberies while you are away, from allowing your neighbors to watch the house to using timers on your lights. Though these methods may still work in some parts of the world, there has also been a great leap in technology, when it comes to home security. Not only are these systems more effective and advanced, but they can also be linked to mobile gadgets like tablets and smartphones, allowing you to manipulate and monitor your home security system while you are taking a vacation.

Ways to Protect Your Home While on Vacation

Do you want to know which methods can protect your property from burglary during your trip? Here are a few tips to help you ensure your home won’t be vandalized and robbed while you are enjoying activities from your vacation to go package.

Upgrade your door locks

Robbers prefer to take the easiest route, which is normally the front door. Creeping out slowly through a window with a bag of loot is far more challenging than breaking in the front door. House thieves normally test a home by ringing the doorbell, ensuring that no one is home. Then, they will try the door’s handle, as well as put a shoulder to the door, to determine how firmly attached and solid it is. Afterwards, they would use a pry bar or perform a strong kick to open the door. Unfortunately, many households easily fly open with these methods.

To prevent thieves from entering your doors during your long-awaited vacation, make sure to upgrade your door’s locks. For 150 AUD or less, you can buy a sturdy Grade 2 or Grade 1 deadbolt to bolster your door’s security. Of course, to attach it in a secure and proper way, you need to employ the services of a trusted and reliable local locksmith because it’s definitely worth it. Also, don’t forget to lock your outside entrance with a thick and durable cylinder lock. Best to make sure your local locksmith sets this up for you as well.

Invest in a home security system

A cutting-edge home security system may cost you a fortune, but it is truly the best and most effective way to protect your residential property when you are on a vacation. Aside from monitoring your home’s windows and doors, a sophisticated home security system also comes with surveillance cameras that are going to be installed in various areas in your property. What’s more, it comes with a free mobile app that allows you to monitor, disarm and arm your home surveillance cameras wherever you may be. As a matter of fact, you can even monitor your system while you are lazing off on a pristine tropical beach and sipping on a fruity tropical drink.

Cheaper alternative to a home security system

Looking for a cheaper alternative to a home security system? Well, there are a number of high-tech options that cost a fraction of a complete home security system. The Canary Home Security Device, for one, only costs around 200 USD, and comes with a camera, microphone and a plethora of sensors to monitor your haven while you are taking a vacation. Aside from the Canary Home Security Device, there are a couple of compelling alternatives you can use to protect your home from robbery, namely Dropcam and Presence. By the way, if you are a tech-savvy handyman, there are also a lot of different ways to set up your DIY home surveillance cameras and monitor them through your phone or computer.

Don’t advertise you are away

Bragging your upcoming vacation through social media sites even on the stages of planning your trip can encourage robbers to break into your home during your vacation to go. Who knows? One of your Facebook friends or Twitter followers could be a savvy thief lurking, and waiting for the opportunity to rob a home from one of his or her so-called cyber pals.

Be aware and secure your home even while you are away on a vacation.

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