Proper Installation Gives Peace Of Mind

A SECURITY door not only keeps flies out in summer, but also lets in fresh air when other doors are shut.

Eastern Security Doors owner James Cronin.

  • Most importantly, though, it protects your family and allows you to screen strangers at your doorstep.
  • As such, it is worth taking the trouble to have a quality product installed properly.
  • Eastern Security Doors’ owner James Cronin said most people opted for aluminium doors or steel doors.
  • “While steel is stronger, such doors can rust. Aluminium doors are not as strong because they are rivetted together and not welded like a steel door. But aluminium doesn’t rust,” Mr Cronin said.
  • Rust aside, Mr Cronin said a steel door would always be stronger than an aluminium one and you could add triple locks to steel doors which also had three hinges.
  • “It is always better to try and budget for the stronger steel security door as this will outlast an aluminium door over time,” he said.
  • He cautioned however, that while security doors were secure, nothing would stop an intruder from walking out your front door with your valuables unless you had a deadlock on it.
  • “Even if an intruder gets into your house, if your security door is deadlocked he will know he cannot exit the property quickly if interrupted. This will deter him and maybe he will think twice about breaking into your house,” Mr Cronin said.
  • The cost of a security door installed can range from $ 350 up to $ 1000 plus depending on the extras.
  • If cost is a consideration, Mr Cronin said a standard diamond grille door ( aluminium) with a triple lock would be a cheaper option than a steel door and a lot harder to break into as it would then have three hinges on one side and three locks on the other side.
  • He said installing a security door was not a job that could easily be done by the home handyman.
  • “Always make sure a qualified tradesman fit your security door.
  • “Your house will move from summer to winter and back again. A professionally fitted security door will allow for these,” he said.
  • When you decide to get a security door for your home of office, it helps if the person who measures your door will be the same one who install it.
  • “That is a sure way to ensure the door fits and eliminates salespersons who work on a commission- only basis,” Mr Cronin said.